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  1. Hosting calls the activity and role of an "organizer" or the "Gastgeberschaft" on English, is narrow in the German language area, however, an established short form for the company of software application or Internet services (. "Internet hosting").
  3. Services
  4. A Hosting provider offers and pursues Internet Hosting services and the infrastructure necessary for it for offers of his customers on the Internet. The customer offers illustrated with it or customer services are public as a rule, however, can be limited to target groups, as for example employee, business partner or end customer. The offered services reach from very closely enclosed up to extensive application systems. For example, the customer can evacuate through this an E-Commerce-Shopping-Website or the E-Mail-Versand/receipt to a service provider without having to pursue even server for this. Also varies the achievement spectrum, the aim customers and costs of self-service services and free services up to extensive consultation, implementing and high availability.
  6. Management
  7. Beside the mostly publicly visible customer offer the service also encloses an administrative interface (for the management of the shop or from e-mails) for single employees of the customer. This is usually accessible also on the Internet. This administrative interface can be illustrated as pure web-based tools or for other access-limiting services like SFTP, FTP or Secure Shell.
  9. On the other hand, the strict separation of management and control of the customer offer by the customer on the one hand and the technical company of the necessary application and infrastructure by the supplier shows a decisive quality of the Hostings.
  11. Use cases
  12. Among the rest, to Internet Hosting services count:
  14. Webhosting/Webspace: Websites
  15. Filehosting: On-line memory
  16. E-Mail-Hosting: E-mail, contact management, calendar
  17. Domain-Hosting: Top-Level-Domains
  18. Server-Hosting: virtual and dedicated, i.e. physical, servers
  19. Application-Hosting: Shop, CRM-or Content management systems